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 1. The Beginning Welcome to my new page. La Touché Journal will include highlights of the band from the beginning in 1987 to present. There is a lot of work and researching to be done of my pictures & articles for this page, therefore, please be patient but check often because additions will happen on an ongoing basis. I hope you enjoy. Thanks. Actually Will Dawes from Baton Rouge was my first fiddle player. As of yet, I am unable to find a picture of him.
 2. Berkhammers
 3. More Berkhammers
 4. Year 1989
 5. Westbank Michauls  I am uncertain of time frames and who played exactly when. If I find information which might help me, I will update. Mark Edmonson was my first drummer & remained with me for about 3 years, at which time Calvin entered the band.
6. Bayou Barn Era
7. Year 1990
 8. First Night

1 of 15 Series Jolie Blonde Accordion by Shine Mouton

CClick the accordion to enlarge the picture.

 9. Europa Jet
10.Around 1993

10a  1994

 Pictures of Shine Mouton, Accordion Builder (now deceased)
11. Bayou Barn
12. Thibodeaux  Wilson as Radio DJ, click here
13. 1994/1995
14. 1998
15. Rainbow
16. Mulates June 2001
17. Band June 2001
18. La Touché 2002
19. La Touché 2003
20. La Touché 2006
21. La Touche 2011